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Spiro is launching a new program in Punjab province of Pakistan to identify, screen, and treat household contacts of people living with TB. 

Those with TB receive treatment

Identify contacts exposed to TB

Support contacts to get screened

Those without TB receive preventive treatment as appropriate

Spiro's first program is in the Punjab province of Pakistan.

Pakistan ranks fifth amongst TB high-burden countries worldwide and there have been historic challenges with household screening and providing TB preventive treatment. Currently only 1% of eligible household contracts receive preventive treatment.

We aim to support the National and Provincial governments of Pakistan meet ambitious targets for case finding and preventive treatment by rolling out a new program with a specific focus on under 5 year olds.

This year we're working closely with the Punjab provincial government and with a local implementation partner to establish a proof of concept.


We hope to establish a cost-effective and scaleable program for carrying out household screening and provision of preventive treatment that we could expand nationally and internationally.

Charity Entrepreneurship provided training, initial funding, and the research that inspired this project.

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